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Welcome to CheckersSquared!

You are probably wondering why you are here? We are also wondering the same thing. Well, now that we have you, we want to play a game... :)

In this game you will be be pitted against 3 other challengers in a battle of wits, skill, and strategy.

The rules are simple... kinda:

You are playing a game similar to checkers. The goal of the game is to capture everybody else's pieces. There are two kinds of pieces: king, and non-king. A non-king piece can move and capture forward, left, right and backward. Each player will start with 8 non-king pieces. A piece gets kinged by moving to the opposite end of the board. A king piece can move and capture in any direction. To end turn, press space bar. Additionally, each player starts with a bank of points. You gain points by capturing pieces and you lose points by moving a non-king piece backwards. These points will also determine the winner in the case of a stalemate, which results from 30 consecutive moves with no captures. That's about it! Feel free to smack talk your opponents, the more the better!